Laila Begum

Laila Begum is from Tula Toli. Hundreds of people were slaughtered in her village on 30th August 2019. Laila lost 7 members of her family on that day, including 5 children aged between one 1.5 and 11 years old. She is a group leader of one of the groups of Testimony Tailors (organised by areas).

What kind of work did you do in Tula Toli?

I used to sew and of course I used to cook at home.

How has being a member of the cooperative helped you?

Having received a sewing machine, I have been able to buy some nice clothes. I don’t worry like I used to do regarding food. We have been able to buy things we want to eat. We have even been able to spend money just to have a nice time. As a group leader, I have been able to help others. I have been able to bring new people to the cooperative, and they are very grateful to me.

Is it difficult to be a group leader?

Haha. Sometimes we have some arguments but in the end we come together. It is good to be part of Testimony Tailors.

What do you miss about Myanmar?

I miss our house very much. We lived in the Doin Para. It was beautiful where we lived.

What about the future?

I am hoping we will continue to grow with Testimony Tailors. Without it we will be financially pinched. We worry about the future of course but we continue to have hope and our sewing group also gives me hope.

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