Hasina comes from the village of Tula Toli, north eastern Rakhine. On 30th August 2017, Tula Toli was attacked by the Myanmar military as part of its “clearance operations.” Hundreds of Rohingya lost their lives in perhaps the biggest massacre of the 2017 crisis. Hasina lost three members of her family, including her husband.

What work did you do in Tula Toli?

I used to sew. I did that for three years.

What do you miss about home in Myanmar?

I miss my husband and our home. I miss the fact that we could move around in our village. Here it is difficult. We could eat properly too.

What are your concerns about the future?

I am worried about my two young children. One is five and the other is three years old. There is no one to look after them. Their father is no more. What will happen if something happens to me?

What has been your experience of being part of the Testimony Tailors cooperative?

I am very grateful to be part of this. I get really happy when we get work. I can treat the children, do some grocery shopping and buy medicines. I really hope we get more work in the future. It is difficult to get income outside of the cooperative because everyone has a sewing machine these days.

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