Spotty Thami Baju


This stylish top and wrap skirt is known traditionally as a thami and baju in the Rohingya language.  The top is fitted and the skirt is a clever design made from one long piece of fabric sewn together in a loop, that folds back and tucks into the waste band. This model is made in a fun spotty material for a young woman.

Current outfits in stock are made from beautiful blue, purple, pink and red floral printed fabrics.

This product will be made to order and given as a gift to a Rohingya refugee.

You will be emailed a photo of the gift after it has been delivered.

A small amount of the profit will be given to the Rohingya women’s sewing co-operative. Most of the profit will be given to the Rohingya woman who made the item.

Note: The exact model may vary slightly in material and style.

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