Eid Dresses for Women – delivered in Ramadan


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These beautiful outfits are being made for the festival of Eid al-Adhan. It is traditional for Muslims to wear their best clothes on the day of Eid and Rohingya women are just like any others in that they love to wear a new dress on this special day. Since they had to leave all their clothes apart from what they were wearing in Myanmar when they fled, a new dress in the refugee camps in Bangladesh is very much a luxury now. With your help we can change this!

All dresses ordered here will be made and distributed to Rohingya refugees for Eid. You will be emailed a photo of your gift after it has been delivered.

Every dress is individually crafted by one of the Rohingya Testimony Tailors. Materials and styles vary, so you can be sure of a beautiful surprise when you receive the photo of your gift.

A small amount of the profit will be given to the Rohingya women’s sewing co-operative. Most of the profit will be given to the Rohingya woman who made the item.

Please buy your gift now to help these women survivors of genocide sell as many clothes as they can during the month of Ramadan.

To learn more about Testimony Tailors please visit our About page.

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